Air Jordan 5

Air Jordan 5 reps uses mesh materials on the upper, and has made a qualitative leap in the design and material use of the midsole and outsole. These designs have also directly affected the design of basketball sneakers for the next two decades. It is a brand new Design ideas.

In the early AJ series, the fake Jordan 5 is considered to be the most beautiful in appearance. The smooth shoe shape, the high top and the radial arc extending from the sole plus the size 23 on the back make the fake Jordan 5 different. unusual appearance.

Corresponding to the appearance, the internal technology content of fake Jordan 5 has also been greatly improved. In order to promote lightweight sports shoes, NIKE uses mesh cloth on the side of Jordan 5 instead of leather. In addition, for the first time, an air cushion was added to the bending groove of the forefoot to increase the flexibility of the replica Jordan 5. In addition, NIKE increases the thickness of the midsole, and the outsole uses translucent cushioning rubber to increase the grip effect. The Jordan 5 upper still uses a part of the mesh design, which is closer to the sole than the reps Jordan 4, and the material is stronger, reducing the impact on the side support. The eye-catching high-tech sneaker of the Jordan 5 has become a powerful pillar of Jordan, who has won the scoring title for four consecutive years.

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