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Fake DUNK Brand Introduction

Fake Dunk SB is Nike's professional skateboard shoe series. The full name of SB is SKATE BOARDING, which is skateboarding.

Fake dunk SB's battle lines are mainly focused on NIKE DUNK SB and NIKE TENNIS SB. As the name suggests, fake DUNK SB has the classic DUNK blood, but when NIKE transformed it into SB, it added cooler technology to it, mainly thickening the tongue and adding ZOOM AIR air cushion. Because skateboarding is the sport that has been used on the feet so far. Therefore, in addition to being easy to put on and take off, the thickened tongue increases the protection performance. The addition of the ZOOM AIR air cushion is mainly to take into account the impact of the X movement on the ground, giving all fake Dunk SBs better protection.

Fake DUNK Features

1.Fake DUNK outstanding appearance, thick tongue and thick tongue are exaggerated and eye-catching, which is very suitable for unrestrained young people.

2.Fake dunk Global skateboarding, X-GAME boom.

3.Fake dunk HIP-HOP, the black culture boom, especially street art is now gradually accepted by the Orientals.

4.Fake dunk many celebrities have demonstrated in person, regardless of whether ARTISTS in Europe, America or East Asia, without exception, choose fake DUNK to match streetwear.

5. Fake DUNK Retro shoes + ZOOM, fresh collocation, refreshing.

6. Fake dunk play with limited editions, and there are XXX pairs in the world at every turn, which is simply too attractive.

7. Most importantly, fake DUNK SB insists on cooperating with the world famous street ARTISTS to launch various unusual designs. Diversity is the biggest impact SB brings to us. The scary thing about fake DUNK SB is that each pair of shoes represents a brand new concept and a brand new visual effect.

Some of the more popular fake dunk shoes for sale, for example, Travis Scott x fake Dunk Low, fake Dunk Low Retro “Black”, fake Dunk Low Retro University Blue, fake Dunk Low Retro .“University Blue”, Ben & Jerry's x fake Dunk Low Chunky Dunky, Grateful Dead fake Dunk Low, OFF WHITE fake Dunk SB Low The 50. Which one do you like most?

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