UA Yeezy 350 V2

The upper and sole of the fake yeezy 350 v2 are very simple. The body of the shoe is made of Primeknit, a woven material with good breathability. The one-piece design is matched with a BOOST midsole. The bottom is a piece of translucent elastic rubber. A BOOST midsole is composed of about 2500 BOOST particles. The interior of each BOOST particle is not solid, but is filled with air bubbles below 100 microns. The internal structure of fake yeezy 350 v2 allows the BOOST particles to recover quickly after being compressed. The combination of the BOOST foam midsole and the soft elastic rubber outsole makes the fake yeezy 350 v2 maximize the cushioning and resilience, making the shoe lighter and more slip-resistant. This also created Yeezy's well-known "feeling on shit". Whether it is from the design of the fake yeezy 350 v2 or the materials it uses, the fake yeezy 350 v2's ability to explode is fully deserved.

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