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About Best Sneakers

Best Sneakers are shoes that are primarily designed for sports or other forms of physical exercise, but are now also widely used in everyday life. Casual wear.

The term "Best sneakers" is commonly used for shoes for jogging or road running and indoor sports (such as basketball), but tends not to include those played on grass, such as association football and rugby, commonly known as "cleats" in North America, Known as "boots" or "studs" in British English.

The making of the Best Sneakers

The attributes of a best sneakers include a flexible sole, a tread that fits the function, and the best sneakers ability to absorb shock. As the industry and design expanded, the term "best sneakers" was based more on the design of the sole than the aesthetics of the top. Today's designs include sandals, Mary Janes, and even premium styles for running, dancing, and jumping.

The best sneakers themselves are made of a flexible compound and usually have a sole made of dense rubber. While the initial design was basic, manufacturers have tailored best sneakers for their specific purpose. An example of this is spikes developed for track and field running. Some of these best sneakers come in extra large sizes for big-footed athletes.

Like the rest of the global apparel industry, the best sneakers manufacturing is largely concentrated in Asia, where nine out of ten shoes are produced.

Modern best sneakers are primarily made of synthetic materials, and the materials and manufacturing process produce an average of about 14 kg (31 lb) of CO 2 emissions. Some companies are trying to substitute more sustainable materials in their manufacturing. About 90% of shoes end up in landfills at the end of their useful life.

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