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Air Mag

In 1989, Steven Allan Spielberg's Back To The Future II was released as scheduled. This futuristic original film created a dream of time travel for that era. It has become a deep memory of many people, and it has also become the beginning of an epoch, which is about the future, about time travel, and about an initial touch on science fiction movies. Those familiar characters, Dr. Brown, Martin, the weird but handsome time machine, all make up an unforgettable memory. You should not also forget the pair of shoes that are easy to wear, fit and awesome in the future, Nike Air Mag. In that episode, Martin came to the future of October 21, 2015. At that time, some distant dramas in fantasy had already occurred, some were happening, and some were about to happen. When most people have forgotten those magical shoes, Nike has not forgotten when people find that there is no longer a dream in the world to return to the future. After 20 years of technological development, Nike has finally brought us into the future.