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  • Monday, 21 March 2022
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During the prosperous period of the streets of Harajuku in Tokyo, Japan, there have been many era marks that people are talking about, and A BATHING APE BAPE STA, which was born in 2000, is one of them. As BAPE's most iconic shoe, it features a dazzling star-shaped "STA" logo on the side of the shoe, and is equipped with rich color schemes and designs. Since its birth, Fake BAPE STA has been a hot topic in the fashion industry. The eye-catching color matching and the help of different cooperative units have made the popularity of the shoes soar.

Looking back on the glorious history of fake BAPE STA, there are many impressive unit multiplications, such as KANYE WEST, KAWS, NERD, UNKLE × FUTURA, DAFT PUNK, SPONGEBOB, KITH RONNIE FIEG, COACH, DC COMICS and MARVEL COMICS, etc., very in-depth Heartwarming and very topical. The most prominent recently is the LOUIS VUITTON autumn and winter series conference in early 2019, VIRGIL ABLOH wore a pair of BAPE STA shoes that have not been exposed before the curtain call, which immediately caused a heated discussion in the trend circle.

FAKE BAPE STA 2021 Ape Ancestor Shoes

Taking the milestone of 21 years, A BATHING APE decided to reshape the fake BAPE STA. Since 2020, it has been in full swing, and successively launched special color matching, such as ABC CAMO, BAPE SHARK or animal printing. After several deliberation, the brand announced that the original version of BAPE STA will return in high-profile in the spring of 2021, bringing three colors of black, white and beige, equipped with a redesigned sole to support, and the upper is made of suede suede and high-grade leather. Made, focusing on exquisite craftsmanship and comfortable foot feel.

FAKE BAPE STA 2021 Evolution New Work

In addition to the return of the BAPE STA Yuanzu version of shoes, the brand has also diversified and extended for this, releasing a variety of new evolutionary works, including BAPE SK8 STA, BAPE COURT STA LOW, BAPE BLOCK STA HI and BAPE STATM 93 HI. Four different styles The shoe shape is based on the classic BAPE STA shoes, which has evolved into a series of shoes suitable for different occasions and different styles.


The FAKE BAPE SK8 STA, which is set as a skateboard shoe, is presented with three new colors. The "STA" logo on the side of the shoe is the eye-catching effect. The different areas of the upper are divided into distinct contours and presented with high-quality fabrics; soft suede with rubber sole. The number "93" on the heel symbolizes the year of the brand's establishment, and the "BAPE" signature is embroidered on the heel to make the design more complete.

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