What are your favorite fake BAPE STA shoes? Cop the best Bapesta reps shoes on

  • Thursday, 21 July 2022
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What are your favorite fake BAPE STA shoes?

NIGO established A Bathing Ape in 1993. Although he has left the ape-man empire he founded, BAPE still stands firm as a street brand big brother! Whether it is the classic APE HEAD Tee, 1ST CAMO hooded Tee or SHARK hooded jacket, they are the classic hot-selling products of the brand. In addition to the above representative items, the brand's BAPE STA shoe series is one of the signatures. ! And now with fake A Bathing Ape releasing a series of new BAPE STA series, how many pairs of BAPE STA shoes do you own?

Fake BAPE STA was originally born in 2000. Will friends who see this sneaker for the first time find it particularly familiar? That's right! The BAPE STA series is actually a "pay homage" to the classic Nike Air Force 1. Whether it is the BAPE STA reps shoes meteor logo, the APE words on the midsole and other details, you can find that the brand is paying tribute and interpreting more creativity through its own representative marks. 's addition. So how did BAPE STA reps shoes create its historical height in the sneaker circle?

1. Celebrities lift sedan chairs

BAPE established by NIGO, with the means of high price and limited quantity, plus the gorgeous color matching with memory points, became a street brand that the global trend people were vying to support at that time! And of course, they did not miss the BAPE STA shoes with this logo. NIGO's friends Pharrell Williams, Kanye West and others all personally brought goods for this shoes in the golden age at that time. And today's street representatives such as Travis Scott have also stepped on BAPE STA, which also made the series popular because of the celebrity.

2. Brand joint attack

Fake BAPE STA, which has a history of sneakers for 21 years, has also released many key joint cooperation models in such a long time, such as the first cooperation shoes with artist KAWS in 2005, covered with gray suede. Wearing the upper makes the BAPE STA and XX logos on the top show a unique feeling, and because of this cooperation, the two sides continue the leading edge in the next year and publish many representative series. After that, we have cooperated with many brands of SpongeBob SquarePants, DC COMICS and COACH!

3. Innovation, evolution and change

It is possible to rely on the classic title to make a living, but BAPE STA replica shoes strives to change and innovate. Not only did they use the original signature patent leather fabrics, but also added "animal patterns", "denim" and even "Swarovski crystals" to add different vamp highlights. In 2021, the classic style will be reinterpreted with high-quality leather interwoven with suede suede, and even four new shoe models, BAPE SK8 reps shoes, BAPE COURT STA LOW, BAPE BLOCK STA HI and BAPE STATM 93 HI, will be derived to satisfy BAPE fans. of freshness.

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