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  • Tuesday, 29 March 2022
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Nike fake Dunk Low Vintage Green metallic white and green retro sneakers. The shape design is no different from the previous replica Dunk Low, and the color conversion also changes the atmosphere of the shoes. From the name, we know that this pair of shoes has retro elements, and the laces are white to make the color of the shoes refreshing. The yellowish midsole creates a yellowed effect, giving it an old-fashioned feel. Featuring a white leather sole with a green body frame, a distressed buff midsole.You can know more fake dunk shoes on bstsneakers.com now. BSTsneakers is the best fake dunk shoes online store.

Pls check the reps dunk shoes details below:

As Nike's enduring shoe, the fake Dunk series has become one of the must-have items for replica sneaker players since its inception in the 1980s.

The vamp is dominated by white, and the frame of the shoe body is presented in metallic green, and the overall visual effect is dazzling and eye-catching.

The body of the fake Dunk Low Vintage Green shoe is made of leather, with cracks on the green leather to accentuate the distressed texture.

Classic Nike embroidery on the heel adds detail to the fake Dunk Low Vintage Green shoe.

The fake Dunk Low Vintage Green shoelaces and midsole are made of old oxidation effect, full of retro style.

The green outsole follows the consistent design of fake Dunk Low shoes, echoing the overall color scheme.
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