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  • Monday, 06 June 2022
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The 550 is a basketball sneaker from Fake New Balance that originally released in 1989 as a low-top counterpart to the 650. In 2020, the brand began producing retros again as casual sneakers. Like many other brands in the 80s and 90s, New Balance wanted to capitalize on athlete endorsements for its basketball kicks.

The Fake New Balance 550 will surely tickle your fancy if retro sneakers float your boat. It boasts a clean and straightforward style that amplifies its adaptable vibe from the hardwood to the playground. Despite having no modern technology, this kick will not disappoint in providing you with lasting cozy strides while keeping you stylishly chic on the city streets.

"The NB550 actually came from Teddy. He pitched it," Grondin said. "He found this photo of a 550 at random and he thought, 'What is this? We did a lot of research and found a 1989 silhouette. The only information we could find was from an old New Balance Japan catalog. We were lucky, Because the Japanese catalog is very detailed. We started researching hashtags on Instagram and found out that this collector had a pair. Once we got the shoe, we worked with Teddy to make it from scratch. He was very particular about the shape, so we It took at least eight or ten revisions. We tweaked the millimeters here and there just to get it right."

Finder, Keeper, it seems. The New Balance 550 officially returns in September 2020 in collaboration with Santis' brand, Aimé Leon Dore. It was somewhere in between until December 2020, when New Balance announced the reintroduction of the 550 to its core sneaker line (including the popular 574, 990, 993, and more).

More collaborative releases pushed the Fake New Balance 550 to heights not achieved during its initial run. Now, the 550 is a true competitor to classics like the Air Force 1, Stan Smith and Club C. Of course, only the Air Force 1 has the same basketball roots, but they've all been fully absorbed into the "lifestyle" category, where sneakers may look sporty but are actually best reserved for more casual activities. Neither the AF1 nor the 550 can survive a professional race, let alone pick up at a local park. Their leather uppers and flats aren't great for vertical bounces, but they look great.

Collaborations have been a big part of New Balance's recent revival. It wasn't long ago — 2016, in fact — that folks were protesting the brand for its half-hearted endorsement of then President-elect Donald Trump. Designer reinterpretations of the 990, 993 and 2002R made it some of the most expensive Sneakers (often the hardest to find). The average shopper is forced to go to resale sites if they want a pair. Even simpler versions are popular. But its Fake New Balance 550 quickly surpassed even those—they were decades ahead.

"Several factors have made the 550 a success, including our use of the classic court silhouette as a base and working with Aimé Leon Dore to launch the first shoe in 2020," said Paul Kaseumsouk, Senior Manager New Balance Lifestyle Footwear The product line manager told us: "Our attention to detail, strategic launch schedule, and the sheer longevity of the shoe make the 550 very special to consumers."

According to Google Trends, the 550 is searched twice as often as the 990; three times as often as the 993; and seven times as frequently as the 2002R. Of course, recency bias is a big factor here, but the 550's popularity has survived a long lull between big releases. If you go to New Balance's website, every version of the 550 has been sold out for weeks. An entire Twitter account is dedicated to notifying followers when 550 items are restocked.

Aside from its pleasing simplicity, the reps New Balance 550 is a comfortable sneaker. Almost half the cost of most other coveted New Balance sneakers. Standard 993? $185. Your regular 550? At $110, it's on par with Nike's $100 Air Force 1 and Adidas' $100 Stan Smith. Currently, acquisitions that reduce 550 are scarce. The shoes are popular on TikTok, and videos about the shoes have amassed more than 43 million views, but it's almost impossible to buy IRL. Only time will tell if this sneaker goes completely mainstream.

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